Thursday, April 15

sed tamen ego requiro

Re-reading the introduction to Rexroth's An Autobiographical Novel:

Every cell in the body is marked with the pattern of the genes that stripe the chromosomes of the original fertilized egg. This is the physiological fact, the minute, infinitely complicated pattern of organic individuality. So, too, there is a psychological secret determinant. Each of us is a specific individual, that one and no other, out of billions. I think each of us knows his own mystery with a knowing that precedes the origins of all knowledge. None of us ever gives it away. No one can. We envelop it with talk and hide it with deeds.

Yet we always hope that somehow the others will know it is there, that a mystery in the other we cannot know will respond to a mystery in the self we cannot understand. The only full satisfaction life offers us is this sense of communion. We seek it constantly. Sometimes we find it. As we grow older we learn that it is never complete and sometimes it is entirely illusory.

But we keep looking.


I did an oral history interview with this guy the other day. I think I did a terrible job asking questions, but once you got him past the boilerplate stuff, so to speak, he had so much to say it would have been hard not to get something worthwhile.

elvis picked up a guitar and made all the women wet

Tonight, a page into the text of an oral presentation I don't have any clue how to finish, I break off and walk to Duggan's Pub for an open stage night. I'm surprised when most of the people playing turn out to be good.

A guy in a floppy, narrow-brimmed brown cap plays some Townes Van Zandt and the best Michael Jackson cover I ever expect to hear. Another guy who says he went to Wayne State for two years gets up and does Neil Young and the Dead. Shawn Cole, who is a badass on the harmonica and played it some on Lifted or The Story is the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground, does a few with Levi. Levi sings a Greg Brown (by way of Glen Phillips) tune. I take my leave and come back to this godforsaken computer filled place where there is no ventillation.

Greg Brown's "Jesus & Elvis" comes on the radio stream as I sit here. I feel like saying something about what a great song it is.

I still don't know how I'm ever going to finish this thing.

an early morning observation


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