Thursday, September 23

Finally, two millennia later, we enter the room. What is this room we are called to enter? The whole wall is covered with myriad pictures and interlocking designs; the ceiling is painted too; the floor is covered with mosaics. There's a certain harmony to it all, it's true, but there's great mystery in it too: mystery in how it all fits together. And look--we can no longer tell where Jesus' part of the mural ends and where the followers' parts begin. There are obviously different styles here, but in some ways it's all mixed up, so that it gives the effect of one large whole. Only the closest study can reveal what comes from which artist. But many visitors don't even think about this. Because the pastor, the guy by the door, is already saying: "Look at what Jesus hath painted! Look at it!" As if everything in the room from ceiling to floor was Jesus' original work!

"Elaine Pagels and/or Christianity"

Molly is taking John Turner's class on Gnosticism. So we talk about Gnosticism and stuff a lot. Mostly, I don't know what I'm talking about.

In one of those weird series of intellectual coincidences, a lot of stuff I've stumbled across at seeming-random lately has had to do with gnosticism and early/primitive/revisionist Christianity. For example, Boing Boing linked this brilliant piece of PK Dick insanity the other day, I found a copy of The Gospel According to Jesus on a shelf at Dave's house in Winfield, and I read a fair amount of this guy's blog today.

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