Monday, July 18

So I've been working on this essay about (initially, at least) education. Here is part one.

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thursday, july 7

the problem of evil compounds itself
with each passing instant and generation

it's apparent that
"i was meant to be here
so we could meet"

corresponds precisely to
"she was meant to drown a few
yards from her home
and lie in the sun
with the corpses of her children"

the moral geometry is no different,
and accepting one proposition
entails at least the implicit
acceptance of the other.

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tuesday, july 5

for many school-aged children
in the united states,
it might be that
there is a practical necessity
of choosing between nihilism
and total surrender

since the system as we know it
is all that exists or can exist
(we are not so much told
as given to understand in the
manner we are shown that water
is wet or air transparent)
rebellion except in the total sense
becomes impossible and
constructive dissent
the province of fantasy.

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