Sunday, March 19

dead trees

CarolAnn was in Boulder last week, and in between bottles of Jameson we managed to compile a stack of poems for the chapbook I've been wanting to print and distribute.

My current plan is something like 32-46 pages at 8.5 x 5.25. I think I can get a hundred copies, saddle stitched, for around $160 — which my upcoming tax return ought to cover. (If anyone has suggestions for which printing service to go with, let me know. I have a couple in mind, but I'm new to this game.) I plan to fit all the poems CA gave me, a couple that CA and Elizabeth wrote together, and one of Alan's, then fill the balance with old stuff from p1k3.

I was going to use some kind of free desktop publishing package for this, probably Scribus. I still might, but an offhand remark from Levi has me thinking about LaTeX instead.

LaTeX is a document package based on Don Knuth's TeX. TeX is a typesetting language which has been around since approximately the dawn of time, and LaTeX itself dates from 1985 or so.

LaTeX seems to get most of its use in the academic & scientific communities. From what I've seen, the markup is not especially pretty, and probably isn't much fun to write. There are lots of backslashes and curly brackets. As far as I can tell, nothing produces better looking output.

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