Saturday, March 4


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last night, after the symphonic led
zeppelin cover act, we hit a bar in
denver with some people
t. was buying rounds of jaegger shots
let's be conservative and say
20 shots of jaegger is, what
maybe a hundred, hundred and twenty?

it was not a bad time
i miss drinking with people
my age in decent bars
and they served a pretty good
cheeseburger, with lots of
condiments on a plastic tray
and three bucks for a rolling rock
is about as cheap as the
drinkable beer gets in these parts

in the other room
elizabeth is making a scrapbook
about going to india
pictures of dark skinned, fine
featured kids at a trade school
holding intricate objects they
have obviously made themselves
"i have held a job since
i was four years old".

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p1k3 / 2006 / 3 / 4