Wednesday, April 5

Today I had an interview, sort of, for another short term data-entry gig. This one at Free Speech TV.

This is in the way of becoming a trend, though actually I suspect that my First Observation on Employment, "You are not cool enough to work in a record store.", will come into play and they'll hire someone else. A shame. They seemed nice.


brennen's general observations on employment, or, why i am going to stop putting this URL on my résumé

First of all, you are not cool enough to work in a record store. Where this does not apply:

  • Human Resources, as both a general field and an occupation, is primarily interested in self preservation, and secondarily in ensuring that you do not get the job you are seeking.
  • You may safely view the temporary agency as an entire industry spawned by Human Resources, redeemed only by its desire to actually find you a job. Keep in mind that this desire proceeds from a business model based on garnishing your wages and ensuring your disposability.
  • It is generally as dangerous to appear too intelligent as to appear incompetent.
  • "Long term, I'd like to write" sounds a lot like "In the short term, I really don't think that you should even consider hiring me".
  • Your potential employer is lying to you.
  • Your current employer is lying to you.
  • a matter of policy.
  • It is much easier to be opposed to mandatory drug testing in the abstract than it is to avoid pissing in a little cup when you really need work.
  • Honesty is not getting you anywhere.
  • Sincerity is going to downright kill you.
  • You're also not going to get anywhere by laughing out loud at managers who say things like "we just want you to be happy", but if you aren't getting hired anyway it might be satisfying.
  • Dilbert only seems funny when deep down you don't think it's true. (Actually, Dilbert has been a lame self-parody for years, but it did seem funny once.)

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