Wednesday, June 21

on an unrelated note, it was just the longest day of the year

It is Wednesday night at 11:06 Mountain, and is no longer broken.

I just read Chuck Klosterman's Killing Yourself to Live. It was pretty good. I especially liked the parts about being from North Dakota, and the part about Led Zeppelin. I had a slightly harder time with Klosterman's extended metaphorical comparison of his important relationships with women to members of KISS, but this is probably because (forgive me, Rivers), I have never been able to shake the impression that KISS are an incredibly shitty band.

Yesterday I had a very thoughtful phone call from the Mayo Clinic, who noticed that I scored unusually high on the depression scales when I filled out a survey they are doing in an effort to determine the heritability of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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