Sunday, July 30


Back in March, I started working on a dead-trees collection of poems from p1k3 + some poems of CarolAnn's + some random stuff we wrote one night while drinking Jameson. My idea at the time was that it'd be less than 50 pages and I'd print a bunch of copies using a cheap print-on-demand source and mail them to people.

I made a few notes about the process here.

As it turns out, the document is more like 76 pages, and every time I've had a couple hundred bucks to spend it's gone for frivolous crap like rent and groceries. (All right, you caught me: I also bought booze. And concert tickets, on no fewer than 3 separate occasions. All flesh is weak.)

Anyhow, it's more or less done. You can buy a copy here for ten bucks. I'm calling this a 1.0 release, although properly speaking I think it's more of a final beta, since I'm going to put an excerpt on the back cover and might change the title. Content-wise it's done, and I've got a copy on the way for purposes of Really Seriously Final Proofing.

If anyone's interested, all the source files are available.

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