Thursday, August 31

37+ thoughts for the coming month
including actors, objects,
hopes, fears, and thematic elements

Kansas. Acoustic hippies. Candles. Truckstop Honeymoon. Cold class war and camper size. Tents. Whiskey. A golden ambulance. Nebraska Populism. I-70. Firewood. Jam sessions. Jackets and hats. Dying gardens. Debt. Incense. Dust. Tie-dye. Arrogance. Overtime. BSD. Literary violence. Lizards. Wolf spiders. Ethernet. apt-get. Infringement. Ink. Cooking. Ignorance. Corrugated cardboard, clattering tin cans. Rainwater. Biscuits, gravy. Contradiction. Longing. Contempt. Hope. Bemusement. Resignation. Regret. Possibility. Backpacks, notebooks, beer, coffee. Contemplation. Argument. Sex. Dirt. Donuts, stoned. Movement. Life beyond the corrupt and corrupting fantasies of the horrorshow modern body(mind?)politic. Hummingbirds and small children.

p1k3 / 2006 / 8 / 31
tags: topics/nebraska