Tuesday, January 30

Well, I'm working on it. Most things are still busted, but thanks to Brent & Eric I'm caught up to March of last year on content sorts of things.

Commenting and all the other wiki stuff does not work right now. This is my next priority, followed by fixing the layout again and slogging through 800 odd pages of google cache.

Bright idea for techie types: If you're generating relatively simple HTML, it wouldn't take much to use classes & so forth to make your HTML more easily revertable to source markup. I'm wishing I had.

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We'll be back in a bit.

status dump

  • Aunt Kathy - despite what they tell you about Boulder, I assure you that is tobacco.
  • archives - good through 2006/3/11.
  • wala/wiki archives - good through 2006/11/6ish.
  • images - possibly fucked
  • chapbook - current
  • lostsnail.org - fucked
  • tellus.orbit.p1k3.com - scragged
  • 5 random small wikis - toast
  • code
    • Wala.pm - close to current, both branches
    • display.pl - 2006/3 or earlier
    • miscellaneous perl - see lostsnail.org item
  • old cornfed site - thought I lost this ages ago, just found it randomly in wendigo:/usr. still have pictures of Conversion Van Kegathon.
  • DreamHost - so far, three days of effective downtime in a week. one more serious outage any time soon and I will conclude that they've scaled way beyond their ability to manage their own systems, which tends to render pricing and theoretical service offerings irrelevant. on the plus side, they did bump my account up a couple months on this last one.
  • JVDS - incompetent, do not give them money.

todo yet: Filter 800 odd Google cache files. Sort local images directory for missing photos. Merge sources, move all to rsync or similar publishing mechanism. Manually grep notebooks for recoverable text. Reconstruct and embroider shamelessly. Find something else to put in the hookah.

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