Thursday, November 8

dear boulder concert crowds

You suck.

I refer specifically to you, Mr. Homosexual Sadist in a Red Windbreaker who Came to Mosh - for a while I kept hoping I'd get close enough to punch you repeatedly in the kidneys, but the crowd dynamics never quite worked out, though I was almost there when you were grabbing that 95 pound girl by the arm and throwing her into the circle for the third or fourth time.

And you, Mr. White Long-sleeved T-shirt with the Sheepish Friends who bitched at length that the six or seven people you'd just shoved out of your way because you couldn't be bothered to stand anywhere near the stage during the opening act had attitude - you, sir, are a douchebag of the first water.

And you, Girl Who Kept Shouting for the Opening Act to Play a Song Called "Spanish Town". For the love of Christ, shut up.

That is all.

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