monday, february 26

one table over,
they are playing a board game
she reads a card:
name one thing that really changed your life
he thinks for a while, and says
getting on the path to self-transformation

earlier, they were talking about workshops,
books on tape,
secrets of the millionaire mind
and this really great version
of the dao de jing

opening ourselves
to prosperity

jesus christ
it is like dale carnegie
for freshman year bookstore buddhists
— goes on for an hour or more, and
i am completely unable to pay attention
to anything else. it is almost impossible
to believe that any of them could be in
earnest. but who is pulling what sort of con?
who is the mark?

the girls are pretty enough when they aren't
laughing, which is too seldom
there's no denying you could get laid
playing this game
and maybe that's all it is
but to borrow a line from marx,
would you want to fuck a
member of that particular club?

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2007 / 2 / 26