Wednesday, July 25

The Winfield tickets came in the mail recently. My friend Shawn called up not
long after and said unjustifiably kind things about my writing. I haven't
written anything in what feels like months and may be longer. T reports that
he's been serving Chris Thile coffee in Lyons, and I suddenly realize that I
might not be able to live with myself if I skip the festival this weekend in
order to sit around the house sweating in the dead still air and skimming
craigslist for tolerable jobs in the physically / morally / mentally /
intellectually corrupt bullshit scam artist bureaucracy-enablement industry
that is software. (The new boss is the same boss but behind a keyboard we the
latest iteration of an ineffectual technocratic elite are allowed to pretend
that this privilege is a sign of change. Jesus wept.) And meanwhile Elizabeth
proceeds, through all the petty torment imposed by her parasitic and almost
unbearably successful employers towards an advanced degree and a suburban
basement preschool.