Monday, September 24

carolAnn is writing a poem about spiders

Brennen: urbandictionary: Clock Spider
Brennen: be sure you click all the way over to #3.
CarolAnn: will i hate you if i look at this?
CarolAnn: like, have nightmares?
CarolAnn: don't lie!
Brennen: maybe a little.
Brennen: but it will help your poem.
CarolAnn: OH GOD
CarolAnn: OH GOD
CarolAnn: OH GOD
CarolAnn: i'm moving to the arctic
Brennen: I'm sure it's photoshopped.
CarolAnn: i don't really care
Brennen: they have spiders there too, you know.
Brennen: ice spiders.
CarolAnn: it has eight legs, after all
CarolAnn: you're lying
Brennen: you can't prove it.
CarolAnn: yes i can, when i'm living in my safe little ice hut and no spiders ever show up
Brennen: global warming.
CarolAnn: i hate you
CarolAnn: but at least i have a swiffer
Brennen: god is merciful.

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2007 / 9 / 24