Tuesday, November 11


It occurs to me that everyone I've talked to who could remember the Armistice firsthand is gone now.

a (reformatted) transcription of recent notes on AM radio

Coast to Coast.
Newsradio 850 KOA.
Bad love songs.
The sexual utopia

The BBC on NPR.
Quality Christian radio.
Fox News
"Barack Obama presses on..."
"Senator John McCain continues his road to victory."
Pollsters are confused.
Ted Stevens found guilty on all counts.

Faith in Jesus' blood.

Mostly clear and a low of 36.
Groups who should be immunized.
"Son, underaged drinking is dangerous."
Willie Nelson.

A time of jubilee is coming!

New improved version of the famous infra-red heater...

Risk free for 60 days.
There is no other way to heaven.
"I'm tired of Obama thinking the American people are stupid."

America, I love you.

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