Thursday, November 6


So I wasn't being very coherent about voting and so forth the other afternoon. What can I say? I'm not all that used to projecting optimism, let alone the hope that change-for-the-better might somehow move through the channels of the American electoral process. I think there's plenty of time to revisit the argument for a selective willingness to participate in the machinery when it really matters, and the argument that it does matter, sometimes. Right now - I can't remember the last time I wasn't just angry and sad about my country, nevermind happy and grateful.

For quite a while I've held the simple (and probably obvious, outside of punditry and the Republican-by-default bloc) view that the best realistic expectation for this election was an Obama victory. The United States of America was never in any danger of electing a politician like Dennis Kucinich to the presidency, or indeed of really acknowledging his existence, and at least Obama was smart, informed, and meaningfully removed from the howling madness of the last decade.

But something happened in the last few weeks or days. Something crystallized that was about more than an expression of disgust with a vile, incompetent, and widely unpopular regime. Something that was about considerably more than the choice of a lesser evil. For a moment, at least, it was apparent how much better we can be. I'm not sure what happens now, and I'm still not harboring any illusions: The moment will pass, and Proposition 8 alone is enough of a reminder that the America of hate-and-fear has hardly left us. But I do not think this moment itself will turn out to be an illusion.

regional transportation district poem #1


bus stops and airports
in line for the movie that time
(you know they tore it down
and built a parking lot?)
arrivals and departures

for my girl to come
like in that song
by built to spill

for election day
for a revolution in human affairs
the return to normalcy
a rapture an apocalypse

for the three-day weekend
for the chorus to come on back

p1k3 / 2008 / 11 / 6
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