Wednesday, December 10

i used to drive a buick every day

Driven by the same unhealthy curiosity that probably animates my relationship to radio programming, I dragged a friend of mine into the stripmall's new "family sports pub" last night. It was, more or less, everything I had expected: Confused waitresses, terrible food, no local beer, that manager you don't want to talk to, and the ability to see five televisions at once without moving your head (as best I can recall: one sporting event, one infomercial, one home improvement show, and two instances of the same America's Funniest Home Videos or some analogue).

Every time I think about the way that big mediocrity is one of the dominant American modes, I wonder if it's like this everywhere — does it just feel like our culture is better at this kind of expression than anyone else's?


There's a MetaFilter thread going on education, kicked off by a post on John Gatto's latest, Weapons of Mass Instruction. And the thing that strikes me most about it is how exhausting I find the idea of having this conversation again.

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