Wednesday, December 24

I got a hat, and a cast iron pan, and volume 3 of the collected Sandman, and some socks (I love socks), and a partially completed leather notebook case with a hand-tooled picture of an eagle on it.

CarolAnn got a hat, and a spider catcher, and Vegan Planet, and Richard Scarry's The Animals' Merry Christmas, from which she is reading aloud:

We'll fill up our stockings,
When Christmas Eve comes,
With the savory bits
And the wonderful crumbs;
Citron and raisins
And sugar and spice—
Oh, just before Christmas
Its NICE to be mice!

heather got a plover decoy, and a coat, and a blue frisbee, and a paperback copy of The Dispossessed.

tags: topics/poem

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