sunday, december 28

i'm listening to
Music Box Christmas,

at first i thought it was basically crap
but a couple of songs in, it's growing on me
and the liner notes, although they've been
partially destroyed by a spill of some sort,
are fantastic stuff:

"Everybody that comes to write about Porter Music Boxes seems to say, 'Well, who's Porter? It must be Dwight Porter' They don't realize that it's not just Dwight Porter. It's everybody who works here. Without those 'everybodies,' there wouldn't be any Porter Music Boxes. I'm not selfish or inward when it comes to recognition. I am what I am because of the people around me. I try to share with them."

this is beautiful
this is a man who handbuilds machines which
produce a springdriven deterministic
automatic plinking noise
and in his own world, this man is a rock star
dwight porter is vermont's own music box answer to
bob marley in that interview with lester bangs

"Because it's not for the money, yoknow, and da big company, and a money, it's soon ovah. Because if weah brothahs da money is nothing between us."

ok, maybe not, but you see what i'm saying, right?

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2008 / 12 / 28