Monday, April 14

I quoted Daniel Davies on Ayn Rand the other day (in LinkDump, over there to the right of the front page):

I forget who was that said that there is a moment in a child's life when he is reading the Narnia novels and some grown-up tells him "Of course, you realise that Aslan is really Jesus" and the kid realises that he can never trust an adult again. As with Pilgrim's Progress, as with Narnia, as with all such books, the students are going to end up fucking hating capitalism for ruining an otherwise perfectly decent novel.

Posted just now, by one Warehouse:

Would it not be fairer to say the authors ruined the novels? And what the hell does a form of government, namely capitalism, have to do with the interpretation of literature?

I have two questions.

One, have you ever read Ayn Rand? *

Two, is the entire fucking internet actually some kind of put-on?

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