Sunday, July 13

america and hope

In red marker on a urinal divider in the men's restroom of the Sinclair gas station at the Fleming, Colorado exit off I-76:


OBAMA is circled in ballpoint pen. Underneath is the single word "SUCKS", and to the right, still within the circle, "HE WILL NIGGER-RIG THE COUNTRY". A third layer of commentary is provided by aggressive but ineffectual key-scratch marks.

Here is my only real question about this: Was red marker's point really just too goddamned subtle for ballpoint pen, or did he merely feel that it demanded elaboration?

Or am I, in fact, just reading violence into the original text - "J.F.K" not really intended as a verb or the acronym that leaps immediately to mind? Is it possible that ballpoint pen correctly read an endorsement rather than an exhortation to murder, and felt convicted to respond?

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