Wednesday, July 2

let me tell you how empty my life is

I just became frustrated with the Nelnet site, where you are now required to create a login with a password that meets the following criteria:

Your password may be any combination of 6 to 10 letters and numbers.

  • It is case-sensitive
  • It can't contain special characters (?&%$#@+=!'~, etc.)
  • It can't contain your user name
  • It can't contain two separated numbers (i.e., Abc12ef34 would be invalid)
  • It can't contain "Nelnet" or "Password"

This struck me as so exceptionally dumb (no separated numbers?) that I decided to write them a really mean-spirited note about it. The interest on my student loan will probably mysteriously double over the next few days while my credit rating plummets. That or management will read it and fire some poor bastard in IT with a wife and 6 kids to support.

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