thursday, august 21

percolator coffee, powdered nondairy creamer
production floor outside my office shuffling into
motion, bassline starts to filter through from
the shipping department speakers

i'm waiting for the air compressor to start up
and contribute its unique anticognitive vibrations
to my modest corner of the technocracy

there it is.

everything around here runs on a tissue of hackery
and bandaid cruftwork the likes of which would
make even my farm-country relatives
nervous as hell if they could see the moving parts
and i'm talking about people who ran on literal duct tape
and baling wire for decades,
but i'm fairly certain now this is nothing out
of the ordinary

this is just all the feathered edges of the great graph of
the world economy, and probably the fine structure is
this scary everywhere you look

probably it's scarier.


so later on i'm walking to & from lunch,
a $4.38 king soopers deli sandwich

i'm thinking about
you know, techno-social problems
the inextricable technicality of
what's social, the human impact,
unavoidable, of everything

thinking about richard dawkins
and aesthetic strawmen

thinking about girl trouble
(i'm unlike jay-z; girl
trouble is the only kind i got)
about the asymmetry & asynchrony
of resolution
in human relationships

thinking about the politics
and poetics of resignation
as versus indifference.

p1k3 / 2008 / 8 / 21
tags: topics/poem