Wednesday, August 27

So I went down to Denver last night to hear Dennis Kucinich talk at the Skylark Lounge, a couple of blocks away from an apartment where I spent most of the summer of 2005.

I wound up leaving with more political optimism than I've felt in a long time.

In a way, this doesn't make much sense. Kucinich represents, I suspect, the basically sane wing of the modern Democratic Party — which is to say that in the American standard narrative of everything, he's a hopelessly marginal nutjob. Talking too seriously about peace1 is generally understood as a marker for ignorability, at least where it's not a focal point for the routinized broadcast media process of reminding the public that sanity is crazy.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for rhetoric that doesn't defer ever so pragmatically to the long-form failure mode that is the American standard narrative of everything ca. 2008.

Anyway, there's an impeachment petition up at I think impeachment is a pretty good idea.

1 Similarly: Civil liberties, the ongoing drug war psychosis, applying the rule of law to members of the executive branch of the US government, etc.

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