friday, september 26

yeah yeah yeah

dave has got his own idiom
composed of verbal tics and singular wit
operating at probably unsafe speeds
somewhere between bitter and amused, with detours

this is impossible to imitate more than superficially,
and like the dialect of some place where they speak
a different english and everyone you meet is quicker than you,
it takes a kind of shift in the gears between your ears and
your brain

talking to dave is a little like going to a foreign

but maybe i only think this, sitting by a lake in kansas,
because all of america is something like a foreign country.

points a & b

i get lazy, you know?
here's an image, here's an idea
if i can get from here to there,
it can't be all that far
but the truth is no one understands me

and i don't mean this in some teenaged kind of
way, in fact i'm pretty sure they understood me
just fine when i was 17
17 ain't half as opaque as it wants to be,
except possibly to itself

no, what i mean is, i say a thing and no one
knows what the hell i am talking about.

tags: topics/kansas, topics/poem

p1k3 / 2008 / 9 / 26