Thursday, January 29


Back when SparkFun had about half as much space as it does now, I shared an office with Lara Boudreaux, who is a remarkably talented illustrator. I notice she just posted some of her stuff to flickr. You should check it out.


Danny Yee's review of A Natural History of Conifers:

Aljos Farjon has produced a broad and engaging account of conifers, covering their systematics, paleobotany, ecology, biogeography, human uses and conservation. The science stays central to his presentation, but he includes anecdotes and stories from his experiences studying conifers all over the world.


A Natural History of Conifers is illustrated with a superb array of photographs, which are integrated into the text except for the decorative double-page spreads at the beginning of each section (which unfortunately lack captions). There are also some excellent line drawings of both trees and details. The result is a handsome as well as informative volume, which should command a wide audience.

I want to be like Danny Yee when I grow up.

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