Sunday, November 8

Equality operators in PHP and Haskell

"manipulate a php codebase using haskell to transform the abstract-syntax-tree"

Haskell, YQL and a bit of JSON

The Auto Rickshaw

Robert Darnton: The Case for Books: Past, Present, and Future

Darnton on Commonplace Books - "[t]his account is misleading in several ways"

A Short List Of Not So Well Known, 'C-Like' Scripting Languages

Norvig's spell checker and idiomatic Haskell

Coders at Work

Why haven't I read K&R?

Wikipedia's list of books from 1978.

In Big O notation...

The address that brought down the Wall...

Ron Silliman on Shoplifting from American Apparel. I honestly can't tell if this makes me think I'd enjoy the book or if I already hate it.

"Everyone knows what tentacle porn is, right?"

What do PHP and psychedelics have in common, you ask? Well, I used to work with this kid.

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