Friday, October 22

you know i was our economies in trouble

Chris Onstad needs some money. I think the guy has earned a little support.


Today's first political robo-call, as transcribed by Google Voice:

Hello, this is former U. S. Senator Wayne, allard and I'm calling to ask you to support Steven Bailey for congress. Steven is not. A career politician use a businessman. Hello better United States Air Force, bite me. Steven is worried about the direction our country is headed. Hey Ms running. To make a difference. You know I was our economies in trouble. Your we need to get government. How to the way, so this is Tim create more jobs. Yeah. Americans want and meat you get back to work but burdening the economy with more taxes, regulation, you'll get this going again. Steve, it'll stand up for a smaller federal government. You will be a committed voice against the business. As usual, Yeah, of a larger deficits and our looming Cisco trainer. Yes, it is why I'm supporting. Even Bailey. Yeah, I hope you will join me. You send him to cuts.



Here is a picture taken from a dirt road near my mom's childhood home in Kansas on a Sony digital camera with a built-in floppy drive.


A few years later, I gave the camera to my friend Jacob, before he hitchhiked to New Mexico from Boulder and had it stolen along with his guitar and most of the rest of his earthly possessions. Although I was a little saddened by this, I cannot really imagine a more fitting end for the device in question.

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