Saturday, June 5

the devil made the dinosaur bones #1

All right so the hell with it. I had good and honest intentions to print copies of this thing and send it to all your houses via the U.S. Snail, but it's come to me that if I don't force it out the door somehow or another I'll keep working on all the poems until they turn into complete mush.

So here is the first issue of the devil made the dinosaur bones, an aggressively unprofitable magazine (a "zine", if you will) of original poetry and other things.

The seven of you (I counted) who probably care enough to bother, be warned that there are photos and it is consequently a stupidly large (15 megabyte) PDF. I'll produce an HTML version soon.

I'm going to look at print shops this coming week; you may yet find a physical copy in your mailbox. The main thing, however, is that I'm going to start working on #2.

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