Wednesday, April 27

Phil Nugent:

How intense is this feeling? Consider that when these people and the writers and talkers who stroke their anxieties for a living aren't talking about Obama's foreignness, they're talking about his "rage", and wherever you believe that comes from, there's no way it could come from having observed the mild-mannered fellow in the Oval Office. The demonstrable fact that a clear majority of Republicans cannot fucking deal with having a black president is very much at odds with the official position of the media, which keeps reminding us that of course, whatever differences rational people may have with the Republicans or Fox News or the Tea Party, they're all good people with the best intentions whose hysteria is in no way colored with racism. They say it in exactly the same tone they used to remind us that, of course, Ronald Reagan was always completely in touch with reality and George W. Bush was never in the least little way stupid.

p1k3 / 2011 / 4 / 27