friday, may 20

i'm a little bit drunk walking downtown. it's early summer or late spring, one of the two. it's been raining for a solid week, the way it so seldom does here that you don't quite believe it when it's going on. the afternoon's hailstorm has leaves plastered all over the bricks on pearl street. the creek is higher than it's been in a year, or at least it seems that way. the sky is dramatic.

the summertime crowd is taking over. less student, more transient and family scene. the busking has gotten better. a person over the age of 23 can stand to go into the bars again. some nights at least. i find that i'm out of the habit anyway.

at the bookstore i buy a book of poems by sam hamill. it comes to $7.04 and the guy tells me seven will do. i leave with an intact dollar in my pocket.

p1k3 / 2011 / 5 / 20