Tuesday, August 30

recent observations on gear nerdery & utility fetishism

1. Most of your stuff isn't nearly as durable as you want to think it is.

1a. Everything is going to get wet.

1b. Dry bags.

2. I like the headlamp with the red keep-your-night-vision mode.

3. The Casio G-Shock watch is every bit as dorky as you'd think and then some, but it might also be as durable as it claims to be.

4. Rope one isn't carrying is rope one can't use. This generalizes pretty well.

5. It hurts a lot less to throw away a $20 pair of galoshes than a $150 pair of hiking boots.

6. A good rule of thumb is to stop escalating the knife thing one or two notches before it becomes a social liability.

6a. If you could feasibly chop down a mature tree with it and we are not actually standing in the woods, there's a fair chance you've pretty much blown the doors off that one already.

6b. Helle. Benchmade.

7. Serious lasers are kind of scary.

8. Compact binoculars are actually pretty handy. I think I might get some.

9. I don't need more camera shit. I need a more interesting life. (This, too, generalizes well.)

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