Sunday, November 23

We hooked up Toni’s dad’s old turntable to my dad’s old receiver and Randy’s old speakers, and now we are listening to a record by The War On Drugs. It sounds like shit, probably because every element of the audio equipment chain here is worn out in at least one crucial way, but actually I kind of like the record.

I think I remember that Mark Kozelek is having some sort of drama with or about this band. I am intent on not paying attention to any of this. I just want to listen to some records and go to some shows, man.

This receiver actually supports quadraphonic sound and advertises the fact. For this reason, and also because I remember pretending as a small child that the knobs and glowing green tuner display were a spaceship control panel, I’m determined to open the thing up and make it sound good again one of these days. I’m honestly not sure if that’s possible with any level of knowledge I’m liable to attain, but stranger things have happened.

Friday was my last day at SparkFun. People were unbelievably nice to me.

It can be an astonishing thing, in a certain sort of life, to look around and understand that you have, and have had for a long time now, a lot of friends.

I wrote a poem back in February that still feels like something I’d like to say.

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