Sunday, December 7, 2014

notes directory

On organizing todo lists, see the p1k3 entry from August of 2014.

For years now, I’ve kept that sort of thing in a notes.txt. At some point notes.txt got its own directory with a haphazard jumble of auxiliary files. It looks like I turned that directory into a git repository a couple of years ago.

Unlike a lot of what I keep in git, ~/notes/ isn’t meant for any kind of publication. In fact, it’d be pretty dumb to let it out in the world. So I got to thinking: I should really encrypt this.

So what’s the best way to encrypt a single directory on Linux?

Two search strings:

  • linux encrypted directory
  • encrypted git repo

It looks like maybe eCryptFS is the thing? This machine’s an Ubuntu, so let’s see what we can find:

$ apt-cache search ecryptfs
ecryptfs-utils - ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities)
ecryptfs-utils-dbg - ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities; debug)
libecryptfs-dev - ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (development)
libecryptfs0 - ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (library)
python-ecryptfs - ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (python)
zescrow-client - back up eCryptfs Encrypted Home or Encrypted Private Configuration

Google suggests that ecryptfs-utils might be what I’m looking for.

I become distracted reading about protests and leave this idea for another day.

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