Sunday, February 23

The thing is you go a little ways into the mountains and a minute off the main drag and suddenly you’re in the West. Not the West of mythological imagination, precisely, but the West as it actually is and has been. The mountains as they actually are can kill you, if you don’t watch yourself, watch the land, watch the sky. Sometimes they’ll kill you even if you do everything right.

Today we’re just tromping around in Ben & CarolAnn’s backyard, pretty much, but we’re still dressed like we know the mountains could kill us. There’s a kind of corny satisfaction in this. Knowing the things to wear that will be warm enough and dry enough but not dangerously hot. Planning out how you’re going to have layers. Fastening a lot of fasteners. Putting on stuff that goes click. Smugly owning things made out of wool.

I guess you take your joy where you find it.

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