Monday, July 21

some hope x notes (post-travel)

I wrote a downer of a paragraph on Friday, and then got caught up in things and quit trying to take notes. There’s a lot floating around in my brain now. We stayed up late and walked a considerable distance on pavement. We drank a lot. We got mad about shit.

Ellsberg / Snowden: These guys are probably not right about everything, but they seem awfully right to me about a set of problems so massive it’s hard to fit in your head. I know at least a handful of my friends hold a belief that Snowden is Wrong, in some fundamental way. I’ve heard a certain amount of “well, all this stuff we found out is bad, but fuck this guy for (methods | facial hair | being in Russia | whatever)”. I think if you haven’t heard or read much of what either individual has to say directly, watching Dan Ellsberg’s keynote and the subsequent video chat would be a good idea.

Soghoian’s talk: There’s a lot about practical politics in this that’s worth thinking about. All the energy burned on terminology and debates about correctness instead of on concrete policy outcomes.

MuckRock looks like they’re doing good things.

Privacy Badger is an interesting approach to the advertising surveillance problem. Thinking about this kind of thing, it seems like we’re going to get serious about Do Not Track and getting rid of third-party analytics on this month.

I rode a Segway for the first time. I am not, so far as I can tell, fundamentally changed by the experience.

I talked to a guy at a bar (Adam?) about 3D printers. There was some stuff there I’m going to have to follow up on.

New York City: Still huge, loud, dirty, Science Fictional, overwhelming.

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