Tuesday, September 22

Back in Colorado, one festival and ~1400 miles later, a week has predictably lowered temperatures into the range of encroaching Fall. Where I live, the tourist traffic has slackened and the coffeeshop is emptier.

My tent didn’t leak, or at least not much. It also didn’t rain too much.

Putting the Dutch oven in the fire was so effective that we only used the gas stove once or twice. I don’t have a lot of great advice about doing this, but it seems to be the ideal cooking vessel for a long-burning wood fire. I kept one stew going from about 8am to 7 or 8pm, regulating temperature by occasionally moving it outside of the metal fire ring if things were a little too hot. I haven’t yet tried to bake in it, but it seems like it’d work just fine. Highly recommended.

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