Sunday, November 20

Maciej Cegłowski, Who Will Command The Robot Armies?:

Over the last two decades, the government's ability to spy on its citizens has grown immeasurably.

Mostly this is due to technology transfer from the commercial Internet, whose economic model is mass surveillance. Techniques and software that work in the marketplace are quickly adopted by intelligence agencies worldwide.

President Obama has been fairly sparing in his use of this power. I say this not to praise him, but actually to condemn him. His relative restraint, and his administration's obsession with secrecy, have masked the full extent of power that is available to the executive branch.

Now that power is being passed on to a new President, and we are going to learn all about what it can do.

More or less all of this is worth thinking about.

p1k3 / 2016 / 11 / 20