Tuesday, February 9

day 9 of stout month

  1. 9/9 so far.
  2. Coffeeshops are for the most part kind of shitty places to get work done.
  3. So are living room couches.
  4. Precarity is usually closer than you think.
  5. I do not know what I am doing.
  6. I just heard a guy say “I don’t do American New Year”. I don’t know that he has the wrong idea.
  7. I wanted this list to be 0-indexed, but I’m writing it in a markup language which doesn’t support that behavior without escaping to HTML. If (for some reason) you want to know how and why forms of representation which give up expressive power for reduced complexity of syntax will cause you pain and eventually drift towards syntax complexity, I guess you could dwell in the space created by this problem and its relatives for a decade or two.
  8. There are probably better courses in life.
  9. From re-watching the first season on DVD, I still really like Babylon 5. The first episode of the new X-Files kind of hooked me a little bit. Nostalgia is frequently a dead letter, but I guess evaluating the genre environment of your teens in the light of your middle thirties doesn’t always have to be a depressing project.

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