Thursday, September 29

php method access

In PHP, it doesn’t seem to matter what order the static and private / protected / public come in before a static method declaration. Here’s an example:

class whatever {
  public static function foo () { echo "foo called\n"; }
  static public function bar () { echo "bar called\n"; }

And on running:

brennen@exuberance 12:02:54 /home/brennen ★ php test.php
foo called
bar called

Did I know this once and forget it? In a decade+ of writing the stuff, did I somehow just never notice?

p1k3 / 2016 / 9 / 29
tags: topics/php, topics/technical

monday, september 26

outside my window
small insects wobble in the sunlight
there are thin bright curves of spidersilk
on the screen
a squirrel runs along the fence
with a green apple in its mouth

p1k3 / 2016 / 9 / 26
tags: topics/poem

Saturday, September 24

Late Saturday afternoon, we're sitting in the living room reading. I'm in the second round of some low-grade, low-stakes potential flamewar, which I'd probably do well to forget about. There's sunlight coming in through the windows.

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Thursday, September 22

gentle suggestions and fond hopes for your software project

  1. Your software is not a friendly crash-landed extraterrestrial sapient in need of rescue. Stop phoning home.

  2. One suspects that modern programmers have mistaken the virtues of code reuse for an imperative to use as much code as possible. Stop building on top of fragile, massively complex dependency chains with the approximate lifespan of a cockroach.

  3. Your new language, library, or startup will suffer if we have to google a common preposition, pronoun, or generic verb form which appears in billions of non-technical English web pages. Stop calling your projects things like “Go” and “This.”

  4. It was once typical to encounter basic mechanisms (light switches, locks, clock radios, thermostats) with working lifespans measured in decades. It was once reasonable to assume that basic household appliances would be unlikely to surveil their owners on behalf of governments and megacorporations. Stop putting computers in shit.

p1k3 / 2016 / 9 / 22
tags: topics/technical

Tuesday, September 20

It’s late September. We’re back from the Burn, back from Winfield, back from a family wedding in Kansas City. Festival time has reverted to default time, at least in theory. There’s a pile of laundry: mud and woodsmoke on top of playa dust.

p1k3 / 2016 / 9 / 20

wednesday, september 14

you look better
with a little dust on you

p1k3 / 2016 / 9 / 14