saturday, january 14

enough exposure to the look and feel of
old science fiction will give you
this kind of double vision when it comes
to the style of the present

the valence of the future has changed
it has begun to merge with that of the present moment
which maybe signifies a shear in the structure
of, at least, our tastes and expectations

i started consuming ideas of the future
by reading ones that had aged into alternate histories
decades before i was born;
in the decades since then i have outlived the
time horizon of countless others

this may help explain why, in the chronological
territory of my mind, 1970 is always
somewhere in the near-future-past
and 2017 has that strange dual quality of now
and still yet to come

p1k3 / 2017 / 1 / 14
tags: topics/poem, topics/reading, topics/sfnal