tuesday, november 28

it helps (maybe it's a need)
to find a place to look outward
from, to center
a self and order all the
pieces of things

if a mind is a kind of loop
operating on itself, feeding
back and amplifying
it helps to find some kind
of standing wave, some
place within the loop to lift above
the constant motion
some arising approximation of a steady state
in all the relentless becoming

i had these thoughts sitting
on the floor in front of a
bookshelf in my bedroom,
looking down the spines
of the books

and touching the
covers and pages
feeling a certain calm
that's hard for me to reach
most of these days

and now i think about the sacraments
and the scriptures,
star trek reruns on netflix,
the biting wind across the fields at home,
and all of you.

p1k3 / 2017 / 11 / 28
tags: topics/poem, topics/reading