monday, june 26


(There were photos here. Deleted after I realized I take this premise seriously.)

as the datamining gets better,
every captured image carries its own index
to other captured images and other datasets
and thus into the lives and environments of other people

photography, like other acts of recall and expression,
has been weaponized by and for the panopticon

and so the receding into triviality
of images that seem unlikely to serve the miners:
fuzzed out closeups, abstractions,
landscapes and technologies without humans in them

i was sorting pictures for publication just now,
and paused before deciding against:
an identifiable portion of my front yard in the snow
my girlfriend's hands
the blurry faces of my family around a campfire

the same reluctance logically applies to text, to names and
concrete descriptions, to signifiers of place and relation
all the facts that might be mechanically sieved by algorithm
or carefully dissected and turned to violent ends by antagonists
in the grip of some networked ideological disease

p1k3 / 2017 / 6 / 26
tags: topics/gallery, topics/panopticon, topics/poem