Wednesday, July 19

My Uncle retired from decades as the pastor of two Lutheran congregations in Kansas this past weekend, so I rented a car in Boulder and drove across a swath of the High Plains to hear him preach a final service and attend a retirement party, followed by loading boxes onto a U-Haul.

Along the way I stopped at a garage sale and bought two boxes of cassette tapes for $2 each. It’s classic country for the most part: Willie Nelson, Hank Snow, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Ray Price, Marty Robbins. Outliers include the Andrews Sisters and some big band material. I got boxes 19 and 13. The tapes inside each have a little green tag made with one of those label makers that punches the letters into a strip of adhesive plastic. Box 19 contains tapes B115 through B144. The individul slots in the tape boxes are also labeled.

This was clearly part of a lifetime collection; the guy I bought them from said they’d picked them up from a sale and the owner had everything catalogued, tapes and records. If I’d been in a little different frame of mind I’d probably have loaded up the whole thing.

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thursday, july 27


from the perspective of the sick
it's wellness that feels impossible

so here we are, and democracy
feels like some kind of a fever dream

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