Tuesday, January 16

reading: smilla's sense of snow

Peter H√łeg, translated by Tiina Nunnally. Murder mystery / thriller of sorts, set in Copenhagen and the arctic. I forgot to bring reading material for a flight, and when I saw this in the airport bookstore I remembered that I liked the movie. (IMDB says: 1997, Julie Ormond, Gabriel Byrne, Richard Harris. I seem to have watched it in 1999.)

This is a translation from Danish. The author’s Danish; his protagonist is half Danish and half Inuit from Greenland. I wonder what a native Greenlander would think about this story. There’s more than a little of the Magical Native American thing going on with Smilla.

It’s also got one of those plots that strains suspension of disbelief just past the breaking point half a dozen times, and it has probably a hundred more pages than it needs. All that said, it was an engrossing read.

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