Sunday, April 8

another lawn and garden report

Up in the mountains it’s windy, the trees whipping around and the sky changing fast. Down below it feels calm, sunny. You can see the wind in the clouds though. Pay attention for a second and you can see the layers parallaxing, the edges curling through fragmented permutations. I take the recycling out and sit on the front step with my laptop, listening to the little brown birds in the trees. There was snow on the ground when we woke up yesterday morning, but I walked through the front gate just now and heard a snake rustle its way unmistakably through the weedy vines that clog the front fence: The snake has much more bearing on the subjective seasonality of things than snow.

p1k3 / 2018 / 4 / 8
tags: topics/colorado, topics/garden, topics/lawn-and-garden