Wednesday, August 1

some notebooks i have known and loved

  1. The little tear-off notepads with the MoorMan’s Feed logo on them in the faux-leather vinyl covers that were everywhere when I was a kid, emblematic of a just-bygone era in corporate swag.

  2. The spiral-bound-at-the-top diary calendars with ag co-op logos on which my grandmother kept decades of notes.

  3. The half-full college student chemistry notebook, spiral bound, with little manila pockets and graph paper that I found in a curbside “FREE” pile in Boulder, and used to jot nerd ideas for years thereafter.

  4. The blocky, softcover, trade-paperback-sized recycled-paper sketchbook that is the only place I ever really made any progress in learning to draw anything. I’ve sought its like in craft store art supply sections for the better part of 15 years now, to no avail. Google is no more help. It is that specimen of a consumer artifact which seems never to have existed, so far as the network is concerned.

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