Tuesday, September 25

It’s early fall, judging by the weather at this altitude. Hoodie weather, thank Christ. It was 90°F a few days ago, today it was something closer to 60° and I wore socks in the house for most of the workday. It will be hot again, I’m sure. It might be hot well into late October. It might be 70° and thunderstorms in Northeast Nebraska on Christmas Day like a few years back, come to that. I don’t expect a real winter, but I pledge not to complain if we get one.

It’s also early fall by the calendar, and judging by the rapidly diminishing daylight. That part, at least, seems likely to be unaffected by the ongoing climate disaster. I assume human civilization won’t last long enough to fuck up the axial tilt of the planet, although you hate to rule anything out at this stage of history.

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