Saturday, March 28, 2020

a sheltered-in-place lawn and garden report

We start the day somewhere after noon with a Bloody Mary each and egg-and-cheese sandwiches on English muffins. The bloodies are from a store-bought bottle of mix, but I doctor the mix with homemade hot sauce and the eggs are bartered farm eggs, so in terms of authenticity it could be worse.

Outside: Blue skies, a breeze out of the south, a little chill but warm enough if you’re moving around. We start cleaning up around the shed we plan to tear down out back, moving piles of scrap wood and old brick and rocks to different corners of the property. There are often slugs, snails, or earthworms on the undersides of these objects. No mosquitoes yet, but here and there you see little clouds of gnats. Patches of boxelder bugs mill around where the sun warms a wall or fence.

There was snow yesterday. Today the grass is half-green, through the shag of last fall’s final growth. There are buds on the apple tree. I uncover my strawberry patch and find that most of the plants have survived under the mulch.

Later, after dinner, I start a batch of bread dough for tomorrow’s baking. This will make a week since I picked it up again, after better than a decade out of the habit. The no-knead approach where you let it sit overnight has a lot to recommend it, for a man as lazy as I am.

We try not to read the news.

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