Sunday, April 11, 2021

observations on gear nerdery & utility fetishism, 2021 edition

  1. In most settings, a big van covers about 70% of the utility afforded by a pickup truck, plus you can sleep in it and the stuff inside won’t get rained on.

  2. Before you buy or gift a synthesizer, remember that owning a synthesizer is like having a little robot voice whispering in your ear about how cool it would be to own more and better synthesizers and synthesizer accessories. (The voice isn’t necessarily wrong, but it will never be satisfied.)

  3. However many audio cables you think you’re going to need, double it and add one for good measure.

  4. Whatever comes after USB-C, I’m already mad about it.

  5. In 2021, the primary determinant of what power tool you’re going to buy is usually whatever brand of lithium batteries you already own a bunch of.

    It took concerted effort by some very smart people to create a situation this thoroughly stupid. I’d boycott the whole market if I didn’t already own a bunch of tools encased in yellow plastic and dislike messing with extension cords.

  6. My Casio G-Shock still works great.


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